Establishing Optimal Growth and Value for Your Company

The seasoned professionals at Bison Financial Group, Inc. have structured countless deals using Public Financing options. Working with our clients one-on-one, we focus on raising capital in addition to building stock value. With years of combined experience, we’re suited to not only help you gain leverage in the marketplace, but determine whether or not a public financing option is a viable, long-term solution for your company.

We offer a range of Public Financing services including: 

Going Public Transactions

  • Assist companies to become publicly traded, usually through a Reverse Merger or Reverse Takeover
  • Help companies determine if they should go public
  • Assist companies through the entire process
  • Help with auditors and counsel
  • Assist with investor relations and public relations campaigns
  • Public Option is also available to start-ups and early stage companies

Private Sector Municipal Finance

  • Economic Development Grants for companies
  • Tax Abatement and Tax Increment Financing for companies
  • Tax-Exempt and Taxable Bond Financing for companies

We cover all the basics and methodically analyze every situation, from every angle. Contact Bison Financial Group, Inc. and find out if a public financing option is right for your company.